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Usa Locksmith Service Oakland, CA 510-789-0841Even though the role of a locksmith has evolved a lot, they still do make lock and keys. However, the way they make them has undergone a sea change in the past few years. The professionals today use highly sophisticated tools to complete their work. This not only enables them to do a job well, but also helps them to complete their task in far lesser time than before.

Modern cars come equipped with transponder keys that are best handled by experts. These keys are complex and only a professional can reprogram it. Lost your transponder keys or damaged them? Call Usa Locksmith Service at once.

Usa Locksmith Service has some of the best car locksmiths on board who are adept at handling all kinds of car lock and key issues. No matter what kind of help you are looking for, we are available 24/7 to assist you in Oakland, CA

Why do we use transponder keys?

With rapid strides in technology, car locks have undergone tremendous transformation. The security system in vehicles today includes advanced features that make it impossible for intruders and thieves to break into. Transponder keys have been very well received ever since they have been introduced into the market. These high end security measures have helped prevent innumerable thefts.

Transponder keys come preinstalled with a microchip that is embedded with a particular serial number. When you turn in the key, the number is verified and the immobilizer is disabled. For you to gain access to your vehicle, the unique number has to be verified by the car. This prevents the car from being stolen. There are also upgraded versions of the key where the unique serial number changes with every usage; this makes key duplication impossible.

Why hire an auto locksmith from Usa Locksmith Service?

So, what do you do when you lose your transponder key? Before you stress out, just give a quick call to Usa Locksmith Service. We will send our car locksmiths as soon as possible. They are the best people to handle your situation. They can not only help you regain access to your vehicle but can also develop keys for you right on the spot. They will reprogram the keys so that it can turn off the immobilizer.

Quick service at your doorstep

Usa Locksmith Service can make you new transponder keys within half an hour of reaching you. If you ever happen to face locksmith issues in Oakland, CA, just call us at 510-789-0841 and we will come to your aid quickly!